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Facing criminal charges can be intimidating, but you don't have to go it alone. Darren T. Griffis is a criminal defense attorney in Worcester, MA. He has over 10 years of defense law experience and brings a proven track record of success in the criminal defense field to each and every case. Building a strong understanding of your situation right from the start, we work tirelessly to protect your rights at every step in a criminal proceeding. Our defense attorney handles all types of criminal cases, from the most serious felony offenses to the most minor misdemeanor driving and theft offenses. we will devote the time, attention, and resources that your case requires to achieve real results in the courtroom.


OUI/DUI practice is a technical, complex area of the law, and you need a seasoned attorney on your side to effectively navigate the potential landmines that can seriously impact your future and your ability to make a living. Our experienced DUI attorney uses this knowledge to achieve the best possible results for his clients in the courtroom.

Drug Offenses

For these cases, we explore every avenue of defense, scrutinizing police reports and procedures for potential violations of his clients' constitutional rights and lab reports for any issues with testing performed.  If the case calls for it, our defense attorney will aggressively litigate motions to suppress evidence that may be harmful to your case.

Experienced Criminal Defense Practice

Attorney Griffis is prepared to handle cases involving a wide-range of criminal matters, including:

  • Crimes of Violence: Assault and battery, child abuse, domestic violence allegations, and more
  • Property Offenses: Shoplifting, larceny, vandalism, breaking and entering, and more  
  • Sexual Crimes: Sexual assault, child pornography, sex offender registration, and more
  • Driving Offenses: Driving with a suspended license, leaving the scene of property damage, OUI/DUI, and more
  • Drug Crimes: Possession, distribution, trafficking, and more
  • CORI: Sealing or expunging your past criminal record