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Criminal Defense Attorney Worcester, MA


Criminal Defense Appeals Attorney Worcester, MA

Our law firms provides you with an experienced criminal defense appeals attorney in Worcester, MA who know how to win court trials. Because we represent clients every day in criminal courts throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we have the necessary training to spot problems with how a trial was conducted and to identify mistakes that may have caused an unfair criminal defense trial. We apply our broad base of knowledge regarding criminal law and procedure to this review of every case to ensure that every potential issue is litigated on appeal. We closely follow the most recent, cutting-edge developments in the law and use that information to fight to overturn wrongful convictions.

Attorney Griffis has represented clients appealing criminal convictions in the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and the Massachusetts Appeals Court. He has also litigated motions for new trial in the trial court system. In all of those forums, he draws upon both his writing skills to draft compelling, creative arguments, as well as his ability to succinctly articulate the most important legal issues in a case to give his clients the best chance of overturning any unjust result.

Call our experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance with:

  • An appeal of a criminal conviction in state or federal court
  • A motion for new trial
  • A habeas petition in federal court
  • Vacating a plea or other disposition
  • Post-conviction relief related to potential immigration issues